Armando Montelongo’s Bio: Net Worth, Son, House, Family, Career, Car, Body

The RealtorArmando Montelongo is. He is a talented speaker. He is famed for his talk show at the E and A TV and is a television character, called Flip This House. He’s Armando Montelongo Businesses, which there is a provider based on the actual estate investment prices. Montelongo Companies launched their headquarters at San Antonio located in Texas. The business offers guidelines and conducts seminars. These conferences are conducted by the business in a variety of towns on a weekly basis.

Armando Montelongo about 9 seminars are conducted by himself. In the year 2011, he has generated a film named, also began a film company, called Armando Montelongo Productions. The film was taken in San Antonio. Bryan Ramirez who’s a native of San Antonia written and directed the film. Armando was the manufacturer for the film. This was August, in the year 2011. This Armando Montelongo Company’s standing was number 19. To be the number 1 firm, it came. Montelongo was ranked for the company owner from the group. The seminars were free of price. Officers from Texas State Attorney General researched Montelongo’s conventions and also have been discovered that the firm has signed Assurance of Voluntary Compliance which lists and hasn’t done anything wrong. This has turned into a feather in Montelongo Company’s throne.

In Mun2a Reinas p Realty that was about his increase in the actual estate industry, he’s acted in the year 2011. He has appeared in TV shows, the most recent one is about the reality show, Undercover Boss, that was telecasted at 2015 through CBS. Armando Montelongo is also. The publication includes his experiences. In addition, he includes a You Tube Channel, in which Armando articles gives advice and about his perspectives. He had been born in the year 1970, in Usa, in San Antonio. He had been married to Veronica. He has one brother, called David Montelongo He has sponsored the automobile racers on Indianapolis 500 at the year 2011 and 2010. He has co-hosted an infomercial and Blaine Athorn for the publication, he’s written called, Grow Rich and Flip.

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