Chester See’s Wiki: Son, Net Worth, Relationship, Married, Family, Sister

Chester See is also a singer who rose to fame and a YouTuber. Years: He had been born in United States of America as Chester Lionel Watch on April 20, 1983 at Fairfield, California. He had been born into a family with origins from North and Phillipines Europe. He’s been interested in music and that he plays the piano. His parents believed he’ll triumph in the sector that was musical so he did. They were supportive of him and he’s got a fantastic relationship together. Career advancement: when came to a conclusion He began his profession as a sponsor on Disney Channel.

In 2007, Chester chose to demonstrate his gift to the planet so he started a Chester Watch” YouTube station. He left his income by writing lyrics to get an music company. He posted all types of work he did some comedy films, played with with tunes, stunts as well as sketches. Following his YouTube station gained achievement, he became component of MCN (Multi-channel community) that helps him in funding and production in exchange of earnings from his earnings over net. He along with some other YouTubers: Justin Lin, Kevin Wu and Ryan Higa, made their own YouTube station named YOMYOMF. The major idea of this station was supposed to bring a reality talent show on web — it had been known as Internet Icon”. Chester was Chris Riedell at the season and a host at the initial. In the conclusion of the identical year, he had been invited to be a rival on D. trix Gifts Dance Showdown”, made by Amanda Taylor. As a result of his emerging celebrity, he became used by NBC to become an executive producer of the new music comedy named Side Effects”. Not only he made it, he also starred in a couple of episodes (four to be precise). Watch has a fantastic influence on individuals on the websites and is busy on Instagram accounts and his Twitter.

He had been nominated for Streamy awards but has not received. Chester has more than nearly 2 000 and 200 000 Twitter followers 000 readers on his YouTube station that’s a number that is really large. In addition, he receives earnings from selling things over the net with his trademark phrases. You can purchase shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with catchy expressions like: “Chester provides me the textures” or comparable. Life: He is a musician: he began playing with the piano when he was six years old. When he was 10 he composed his first song. He has one sister called the along with Alysia get. So he’s half Filipino his mom comes in Filipines. His dad has origins that are French, German, Dutch and English. He began his own relationship. She’s also a YouTuber, celebrity and a colleague comedian. They’ve never oficially affirmed their connection but it was evident since they had been together all of the time, went on holidays together, filmed several YouTube clips and clips from Grace’s home (her pet Goose was the member of their team). Nonetheless, it appears they have broken in 2017. Chester went off the grid Grace did her videos and he vanished from networking that was social. After a time, he returned into his networking accounts but always independently and pictures and all of the movies were shot in his residence, not Grace’s.

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