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Dave Canterbury’s Bio-Wiki: Net Worth, Tattoo, Home, Family, Son, Married

Famous FolksDavid Canterbury is a writer who became known as a celebrity if Survival series aired on Discovery Channel as well as a survival specialist. He is an owner of Patfinder School at Ohio. Life: David Michael Canterbury was created at Florida in America on September 19, 1963. He was interested in the military and everything together with adrenaline, in playing outside. He had the pleasure when performing his mom and things was annoyed by it as he was fearful he will do. After highschool he could not wait to go enlisted in the US Army. It had been somethg because he needed, he wished to get involved in it and he discovered noble.

Career development: he became a sergeant from 1981. Because he’s a gift in his area, he climbed very fast. In addition, he worked for a diver, and some time as a fisherman. None of those jobs were attractive to him. He had been a normal factory worker in Ohio in the time that he auditioned for the Discovery’ s reality TV series known as “Double Survival. ” He revealed his survival skills along with the training he obtained during his military years. Now He’s a teacher in the Pathfinder School at Ohio and an owner. Where instructional videos are uploaded by him, in addition, he began his own YouTube station. He created a survival plan referred to as “5 C-s of Survival” including a instrument for cutting edge, a Combustion apparatus, Cover, Container and continue, a Cordage. He had been for 2 seasons just at the series, even though the general public well liked him. He had been at the series in 2010 and at 2011 due to the details in his resume he’d contributed to the producers before he had been dismissed in 2012. Out of his resume it is possible to read a few of the facts in the remaining portion of the text, a few are accurate and some are untrue.

He asserts he has more than twenty decades of Combined Survival Coaching and Army but his name could not be found in any documents. He had been in US Army however not seven decades but six. He wasn’ t a sniper or a scout because he promised. Trainings were attended by him but was not on this places. There are no recordings of his installation to Nicaragua and Honduras since he promised. He had been very common. An apology was even issued by him in 2014 on that behalf. Three bestseller novels were also published by him and they were a success. Personal life: his spouse is Iris Canterbury and she worked for the magazine where he had been an editor: “Self-Reliance Illustrated magazine” They have two kids and they’re known as Skylar and Omere.

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