Frankie Edgar’s Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Son, Wife, Father, Tattoo, Daughter

Famous FolksFrankie Edgar is a well-known martial artist that is mixed. He had been born October 16, in the year 1981. He’s from Toms River. His parents were Frank and Mary Annese. Renee has been married by him and the couple has two sons called Francisco and Santino James. They have a daughter. His family and Frankie Edgar are living in Toms River.

He moved into the wrestling Group of Clarion University and into Toms River High School East. The abilities have been mastered by him Rob Guadino who’s portion of this Rhino Fight Team, through his trainer. He was chosen each of the four years, in the Clarion University, Pennsylvania. He’s been the wrestling team’s trainer helper from Rutgers University. He’s been component of the featherweight in addition to the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s categories. He’s having a hit of approximately 72 inches. He was rated as number 2 at the rankings that were featherweight. He is a champion. He’s won from Mark Getto inside this experience. He has struggled with others such as Steve McCabe, Jim Miller, and Deividas Taurosevicius. He had been curious to be part of this Ultimate Fighter’s time , but he wasn’t picked from the president of Joe Silvia in addition to Ultimate Fighters Championship Dana White. He had been contacted for an experience with Tyson Griffin at the UFC 67 by UFC.

He’s got got the reputation of winning seven days to the Battle of the Night Award. He has received recognition Award in addition to Sherdog. He has won from Chad Mendes who was the champion. He had been nominated 2010. He’s been given the MMA Award. He has won the Truth Fighting Lightweight Championship for a single time. He’s been given the UFC Lightweight Championship for a single time.

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