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Chinese Art His net worth is roughly 55. He has two brothers and two sisters. Li left at two decades with no dad, when he expired. When he was 8 he started to practice art — wushu. They send them and catch the opportunity since the family was poor. He mastered Wushu styles like Fnziqun and Chngqun. Li was portion of Beijing Wushu Team coached from the famous artist — Wu Bin and Li Junfeng.

First championship he won in the 11 decades. It opens the dor to travel and also make him won silver and gold medal in championship. He retired at age 17 in the game. Personal Life: Li was married twice and has four brothers. The first marriage was with his team member Huang Qiuyan. They have 2 brothers and divorced Taimi and Si. The union is with that he’s two daughters Jada and Jane. Li is a citizen of practice Tibetan Buddhism and USA. He suffers from excess production of thyroid gland — Hyperthyroidism. Li is a ambassador of China’s Red Cross Society and contribute funds. His celebrity door opens in the cinematography that is Chinese. His American film debut was in Lethal Weapon 4 ( 1998 ), in which he played with a Chinese offense bos, together with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover.

The audience response on the role of the Li was fantastic. Romeo Must Die ( 2000 ) had office victory also got $100 million. Aaliyah , DMX rapper, Li played in today’s version of a narrative. Li has turned reverses some roles like Chow Yun-fat’s character in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and the character of Seraph of Matrix. His spouse was Jason Statham. From the action thriller film Kiss of the Dragon, that had been the box office, he looked at precisely the exact same year. Li and Liu Siu-jian played with an intelligence agent. Where he played with Denny the Dog, another part he took from the British arts thriller Unleashed. His partners had been Bob Hoskins and Morgan Freeman. Last wushu epic character he took at the movement Fearless ( 2006 ). Although, he played with a pictures that are martial, this was his significant martial artist function. According to his voice, he could be pointless to perform with these roles and revealed everything. Eventually, he collaborates with the other martial artist celebrity Jackie Chan in the film The Forbidden Kingdom ( 2008 ). However, critics collects. His latest work are functions in The Expendables 3 and 1, 2. Producer Career: himself has attempted. In a cooperation with Jackie Chan, he played the function and made one action movie. Li engaged in this war movie’s China/Hong Kong co-production The Warlords. Awards: Li won at the four contest and was nominated for several awards. He received Golden Horse Film Festival to the property individual. Year won two awards: Shanghai Film Critics awards for the Best Actor at The Warlords for the Best Actor at Hong Kong Film Awards and The Warlords.

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