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Mimi Faust’s Bio: Net Worth, Daughter, Mother, House, Father, Tattoo, Married

The History of Video ProductionMiami Faust is a Company girl that has been profitable in addition to a personality from the reality television show. She was component of the series called Hip Hop and Love: Atlanta. On Keep it a company is running. In a movie for the singer named, she’s made her initial appearance from the calendar year 2003. The celebrity named version Lanisha Cole and Lauren London has been featured by the movie. She has established that the cleaning business in the Stone Mountain Area, as said before. The net worth of Mimi Faust is approximately 5 thousand bucks.

moments with my nugget remind me that life is a gift, and she’s my world. ?

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By earning a sum of 1,000,000 bucks she’s currently staying high. Mimi has shared her room with all Atlanta celebrity’s Rea l Housewives, called Claudia Jordan. As wages per incident, Mimi has made approximately 20,000 bucks from the Hip Hop Atlanta. She has negative incomes that are currently coming from posing to this magazine, the Men’s pages. Mimi was created from the year 1970, in Virginia, in January 3. She started the artist Stevie J of the couple but the term dating in the calendar year 1997 broke. Mimi, the singer didn’t remain single for more time following the divorce. The couple stayed up to 2014 Atlanta has improved day following the look at the Love, the reality series and Hip Hop:. She is known with her actions and region of the income comes in the modelling. Her mother increased Mimi Faust. She became a teen she’s maintained her name. During her teenaged, she changed her name and must know about her dad.

Enjoy her reality show and Hip Hop is a hit and this the audiences can see she’s fighting to keep the connection with the dad of her baby up. It was in this event and in one of this episode of the reality show, Faust has to experience a session, Faust has shown her past. Since this was the very first time the audiences have seen the incident with shock; she revealed these secrets. By means of this episode her lovers came to understand that her mother was part of this Church of Scientology. Scientology’s Church is component of the information around the stars. Among the celebrities who were associated with Scientology’s Church were Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. She’s been residing with Claudia Jordan as stated before, also there has been a time when they both got arrested. They stay as buddies that are best. She and her Karlie Radd have met with and their friendship both too has lasted for quite a while, say. When she fulfilled with her boy friend he had been working for contract. He had been a success from the music business but was bankrupted in a time period and in that period he and Mimi met with. They weren’t able to balance their family life and the couple got separated. Summary:: Complete name: Mimi Faust Date of arrival: 3 January 1970 Birth location: Virginia Age: 46 Profession: Model Personality Height: 1. 73 m Weight: Unknown Net worth: 5 thousand bucks.

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