Octopizzo’s Wiki-Bio: Family, Car, Tattoo, Girlfriend, House, Son, Marriage

Octopizzo KiberaOctopizzo is a hip-hop artist in the location named Kibera that is among Africa’s slum regions. Octopizzo is the creator of a youth group that goes by the title of Y. G. B that stands for Young Gifted and Black. He is popular among people by his name, although the name of Octopizzo is Henry Ohanga. Life : Henry Ohanga is a inborn performer. Henry Ohanga handed secondary school and his school in Kibera from his residence.

Henry Ohanga went to school at St. Mary’s Changamwe College that will be in Mombasa. After faculty Henry Ohanga began perusing his career and went back into Nairobi. Henry Ohanga is the son from the four sisters in his loved ones. Henry Ohanga dreamt of becoming a music performer and grew up in a slum area. Henry Ohanga got motivated by them and looked up to artists such as Eminem and Jay Z. Henry Ohanga won them and was in lots of contests that are freestyling. Henry Ohanga was part of Usanii Kona Hip Hop Challenge G Pange Hip Hop Challenge and Hip Hop Halisi Freestyle Challenge. Career : Henry Ohanga has played in Plenty of events Including Translating Hip Hop Grand National Peace Concert, Global Development of Peaceful Environments and International Hip-Hop Summit After getting famous. Henry Ohanga has introduced three mixtapes that are Struggles of Nairobi, Young Black and Gifted and the shadow. Struggles of Nairobi became the best-selling mixtape in the year 2008 at Kenya history. The album from Henry Ohanga is called Chocolate City, and of the fans are enthusiastic about the record.

Henry Ohanga conducts a Travels and Tours Company Named Chocolate City in the nation. Henry Ohanga is the owner of a fashion clothing line named YGB WEAR where YGB stands for Black and Young Gifted. Clothing’s YGB lineup sells caps and t-shirts. Henry Ohanga has been part of the series in MTV known as MTV SHUGA and has worked as a performer. Henry Ohanga includes a great deal of brand deals due to his networking presence that is social. Henry Ohanga has new deals. Henry Ohanga performs on displays out his nation like in Dubai and Manchester. Henry Ohanga has functioned for projects. Henry Ohanga works creating their life and to support. He’s very enthused about working for the improvement of the less fortunate. Kibera Henry Ohanga was the person who guided 50 pennies around the 18, when artist 50 pennies visited. Based on Henry Ohanga, this was his adventure of a life much grounded and meek individual he is and because he must understand 50 pennies better. When he published his tune named Ivo Ivo that became so popular it had been known as the rap anthem of 29, Henry Ohanga attained the summit of his profession. The success of this tune was so much since plenty of publicity surrounded it which the tune was bad which worked in favour of Henry Ohanga along with the tune became among the most well-known tunes of the nation. Life : Henry Ohanga is the daddy of a girl named Tracy whom he loves dearly. Henry Ohanga has quite a busy schedule, but he takes time out and picks her up. Henry Ohanga says he works hard to provide for his household with his three brothers, his spouse, along with his daughter. Henry Ohanga retains his life very confidential. He’s a family man, he isn’t working and he spends his spare time with his family.

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