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Shaunie O’Neal’s Bio: Net Worth, Kids, Engaged, Husband, House, Father

LA O’NealShaunie O’Neal is Basketball Wives LA that’s broadcasted from the VH-1 reality tv show and a personality who’s the executive producer for the fact series. She’s Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife. Shaunie O’Neal was a film marketer, in addition to a philanthropist, an entrepreneur, a television program producer and most importantly, mother of 3 kids. She had been born November 27, in the calendar year 1974 and hails from Texas at Wichita Falls. She’s busy from the year 2010. She’s done her education. She awakens from America.

She managed to get a portion of her net worth throughout entrepreneur efforts well as her union with Shaquille O’Neal a. She’s received a large quantity of cash out of her Shaquille for component of the settlement at the divorce. Throughout the tenure of the union, the family appeared to be pleased on hearing the information that a divorce has registered, but the audience was amazed. She has gained a hell lot of money in which she’s starred in addition to serving as executive producer. This reality series gives an insight into wives or girlfriends of the players in NBA’s lives. This program has entered into the season of exactly the exact same and is currently running successfully now. Her boyfriend is Marlon Yates who’s an actor. There was rumours spreading which Marlon Yates is currently unfaithful Shaunie Draya Michelle, together with his girlfriend. Shaunie can be having her very own manufacturing company called, Amirah Inc. and she succeeded in conducting her own shoes lineup. Her reality show, for that she’s the producer has continued to maintain the fifth year of it. The series has been telecasted at the VH1 that were followed with the episodes of Shaunie’s Home Court from the tv on the Sunday nights.

There’s become a saying about the fact series; it’s been advised that if you’re able to find a chance it is going to supply opportunities for earning large sum of money to you. The woman behind this desired a very successful business woman and series, Shaunie is gifted. According to the estimate, the overall earnings for manufacturers could be in 1 year between 00,000 bucks, 1 and two, 00,000 bucks. According to TMZ’s reports, the net worth of her ex-husband, is roughly 350 million bucks. He was reported to be spending about 1 to the support of her as well as the kids. This is a huge quantity of money that will help to grow Shaunie’s status along with her earnings from the tv series. Her five children were Amirah, in Addition to Me’arah, Shaqir Taahirah. Amongst the five children, Me’arah is your youngest. Shaunie together with her ex-husband’s union has lasted for 9 decades, and it occurred following the rumours being spread her ex-husband has some relationship.

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