Who is Adam Saleh? Bio: Net Worth, Son, Wife, Family, Tattoo, House, Sister

An Overview of ‘ Senior ‘Adam Saleh is a performer, rapper and a comedian. He’s a Muslim-American Model who’s running a YouTube station that has 1. 1 million readers. He had been born at Coney Island Hospital June 1993 on 04. He had been born into Yemeni parents. He resides in Manhattan.

He joined the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and attended the Central Park East High School. He became famous with his videos that were You Tube. The majority of his movies were predicated on his buddy’s life or his. His relatives are also included by him. Together with his school buddies, Adam Saleh created the YouTube Videos for his channel. This station was made for pleasure by him along with his two buddies named Abdullah Ghuman and Sheikh Akbar. Adam Saleh made a second station called 3MH along with Sheikh Akbar Karim Metwaly and Abdullah Ghuman. The station got divided up and afterwards Adam He made his appearance drama film American Sharia. A number of the solo releases were Diamond Girl; on May 3, 2015 on October18 Tears on 04 December 2015. The Profiling Experiment was he has a movie that has been uploaded within his YouTube channel , 2014. This video became viral around the world. Within this movie when his buddy and Adam, argued sporting cloths, they were dismissed by the Cops but the behavior towards them from the cops was distinct, when they contended to authorities wearing the apparel.

The movie was able to acquire over 200 million views.

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