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Who’s Nigel Lythgoe? Bio: Net Worth, Wife, Married, Education, Salary

Dancing With the StarsNigel Lythgoe is an TV director, producer, dancer and dancing contest judge. His net worth is about 110. Life: Nigel Lythgoe was created at Wallasey on July 9, 1949. As a kid he started dancing and he was a tap dancer. He coached with his buddies in tap dance group and he chose to pursue dance for a career. He also attended the Hylton-Bromley School of Drama and Dance and the School of Dance Perry Cowell. TV profession: Nigel began working as a choreographer for various TV shows, After assessing his dancing abilities.

He’d performances even and for Gene Kelly for the Muppets. He was commended by many for his ability to guide and make but also to produce choreography an entire performance. Recently he has been seen by us about the Popstars show. Due to judging and his professionalism that he had been nicknamed the Nasty Nigel. He was engaged in BritWeek application that encourages entertainment relations and businesses between UK and California. Nigel is a co-owner of this firm Big Red two Entertainment. As an executive producer Nigel returned in 2010. Life: In 1974 he has married to Bonita Shawe. The couple met during making of the marriage and a single choreography for the BBC. They have. Nigel suffered in 2003 from a heart attack. To get on the ideal track with his health he decided to stop smoking.

Since he also died from an appendix burst, 2003 appeared to be challenging on Nigel. Nigel likes to unwind on his vineyard in Paso Robles when he isn’t currently working on his endeavors. He visits with his or her matches and is Lythgoe Liverpool fan and also a Manchester United.

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