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Famous FolksWoody Harrelson is an actor, director and author. In Midland, Texas’ country. His parents got divorced, after he was 3 years old and Woody and his two brothers transferred to the birth place of his mother at a town, in Ohio. There he attended Lebanon High School and throughout this period he was employed at the amusement park as a wood carver. He went to college and there that he obtained a Bachelor of Arts. The fact affected his youth that his dad was a murderer. to 1993.

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In 1989 he won the Emmy Award to get a part of bartender Woody. After he guest-starred from the sitcom Frasier” in 1999. With Woody Boyd’s character. The big break for a film star of Harrelson was in 1992. White Men Can’t Jump”, where he played a magical L. A. hustler. The movie that put him spotlight and flipped him to more significant roles was Milo Forman’s The People vs. Larry Flint”. He had a role in 2007. He returned in 2014 to TV show. Together with the HBO crime sequential Authentic detective”.

Work : He’s a famous activist for the legalization of marijuana. He’s also an activist attached to world institutions. He was against the 2003. Invasion of Iraq. He’s a proud proprietor of diploma by York University for environment security that is donating. It is possible to view his side” throughout his everyday menu. He had a role in a film taking a road trip on a bus. Life: In 1985. He and Nancy Simon married and has been married for 10 weeks. In 2008. He wed Laura Lonie who gave their three brothers birth. They’ve fulfilled on set in 1987 she had been his assistant for a couple of decades and while filming the TV series Cheers. Their connection is one of longest in Hollywood. He had difficulty with law and has been detained for a couple times due to provocing police officers throughout his career and contradictory with papparazzi. Harrelson is a vegeterian plus a vegan. He resides on an organic farm on Maui with his family and Prairie Paper Ventures, his firm, creates newspaper not and out of crop waste out of trees. Place: Midland 55 Profession: actor 1,77 m Weight: 83 kg Net worth: $65 million.

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