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A Concise History of VideoBart Kwan is a online character who is manager and a writer. He acquired fame onto it from videos and his Youtube station. He’s among the creators of JustKiddingFilmschannel. He’s renowned for his acting and composing in JustKiddingFilms, She’s Suika and a Boyfriend. Together with his partner Joe Jo, JKF was founded by him while he studied in University of California. JKF that’s the channel together with the title JustKiddingFilms has movies launched his buddy along with by him. These videos are all about themes that are modern.

I’m super proud of my cousin for getting into Podiatric Medical school. I would’ve had tears in my eyes at @andrewhuge white coat ceremony had I not been so sleep-deprived from taking care of @taikakwan at night. Like me, Andrew got into hella trouble during his youth. He came to America at the age of 19 for a second chance. Not only did he have to take all the classes required to get into medical school, he had to learn them all in a language that’s foreign to him. Ironically though, he had no problem spitting game at girls with his fob ass accent lol. He even started a fraternity at UCSB! Talk about super fob. I guess it goes to show, if you want something bad enough, ain’t nothin can stop you! Proud of you 表弟!

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His station has fans that are enormous after and is quite famous. He’s roughly 1. 5 million subscriberson his station. Afterwards they stared two successful station together with the name as Kidding News and Kidding Party. Doing health is the favorite interest of Bart and this may be understood on his stations in his videos. Station and his movies contributes to his earnings and the Bart Kwan Net Worthis$2 million. He’s an enthusiastworkoutand was able to get. He is fond of tattoos and a tattoo could be viewed on his arm. He’s always seen wearing. He and Geovanna Antoinette called Geo have been communicating. Sources say they’re a married couple. He is accompanied by her could be observed in movies of Bart.

Aside from his movies Kwan has worked in movie. He was featured in a number of episodes of The Comment Show and television series Cholo Adventures. The accession to Kwan is his channel JustKiddingGamer. To get his JustKiddingFilms he’s worked as a manager. As a performer he was observed in films like 626 Gun Fu and Suika. He had been featured such as Cholo Adventures, Company Car and The Comment Display. Later he worked as producer and a writer. Quick Summary:: Complete name: Bart Kwan Date of arrival: 18 November 1985 Birth location: Monterey Park, California.

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