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An Overview of the American PersonC-Bo is a talented rapper who’s famed because of his extraordinary hit amounts which were enlisted under the class of hits. He’s worked upon with several rappers Thug Lords, Brotha Lynch Hung and Killa Tay. He’s so outspoken and eloquent about setting his lyrics that on being punished and delivered to prison that he continued with his endeavor and remained unresponsive. Life: Shawn Thomas is rapper C-Bo’s birth title. He had been born United States of America, in14 th atTexas. For a few fetching some advantage, though he’s born, when he was in his teens, his family decided to move to Sacramento, California. There’s not any mention of any sisters or his parents.

Up on it …… Oh yeah being real to the real makes you real…….. Shake the fakes ones and only invest your time into those that make a difference in your life for the better cause one of your friends is and angle sent from above, only one. and you wonder why your life is hell because your surounded by takers be careful who you choose to get in the car with you may not make it to the next destination. So You have to be in control of you own destiny Allot of people a let you walk right into they investigation and wont tell you they hot as hell tell they raiding your spot, so slow down homie or home girl cause its a cold world the streets is slick and devil is slicker, going to fast you might crash and burn ……….. And only a real one will set down mouth shut do the time even if he innocent because a leader knows the consequences of every move as a leader ….. If you get in the car you going where every one els in the car is going. period.

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He had committed himself to producing a number of the compositions whose lyrics which portrays the story of his growing up. He can belong to the criminal Crip gang, but his efforts in creating a number of the paths that are rewarding made him flourish and soar high up in the skies. The gang has affected all his songs. Career: He began his career with his debut record in the calendar year 1993 titled “Gas Chamber. ” However, the album’s releasemade C-Bo acquired from the prison for those controversies. California’s hardcore audience forced the release a success and went on boosting their perspective counts. The album had a number of the chartbuster hit figures which were made the Californian audience possess a effect. The rapper chose to collaborate with many rappers Three Six Mafia, the Brotha Lynch Hung along with the rapper Esham that was excellent. He began becoming established in the nation and started to function as a hardcore rapper. He maintained for International acclamation and started performing. He had been set with a position in all of West Coast and has been categorized in the hardcore rapper in all of West Coast’s listing. The rapper was greeted because of his performance, and also his campaign was rated in number 41’s job beneath the Billboard Charts 200.

It was chartbuster that motivated him to work with a few lyrics that are extraordinary. He obtained an certification as a rapper, but in that he ended up for a number of his contentious and crucial context very season. Although he had been in jail, he never ceased working hard and came out with another launch titled “Enemy of the State” which made him attain immense acclamation and fame. The records were recorded on the / Hip-Hop Charts along with the Billboard. He started to focus more on the collaborative efforts and also created the launch of “Trading War Stories” and another superb rap version known as Omar “Big O” Gooding. At the year 2010, he composed with Thug Cash and yet another one titled “Thug Lordz. ” Life: Shawn Thomas aka C-Bo is an American rapper whose contexts that are contentious have left troubles are faced by him throughout his profession. The rapper isn’t interested in becoming dedicated to a woman and is into any connection. Away from claiming any story which may be shared with the 15, he’s. The rapper was famous for his attempts. All criticised him and troubles were generated by politicians towards his albums’ launch. He faced troubles but the all enjoyed his efforts and that made him collect lots of net worth. C-Bo has commented the individual’s designation is never considered by them and which the United States authorities of Law is stern with there actions. They treat the celebrity manner in addition to a person. The guilty is a byproduct of a criminal enforcement and legislation. C-Bo is currently performing well with his livelihood and has started composition a number of the numbers.

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