James Harden’s Bio: Net Worth, Salary, Wife, Son, Career, Car, High School

The Greatest Basketball Player Artesia High School was attended by him and he played basketball during his school years that were entire. He played due to his precision and due to his height. So he was ideal for the match if he was younger, he grew. If he was younger Harden had asthma issues, but he was able to keep it so that he could play without problems. Results were scored by him even and throughout his school years that he played for Arizona State University. Throughout his period at the group that he won several awards such as the Player of the year award. Due to his game he directed his group set stage life records and to acquire a few occasions.


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Try out to NBA drafts and he chose to leave the University. This was the perfect choice for him since he showed moves. Basketball career: He began his career at 2009 in the Oklahoma City Thunder. He showed ability and talent that he was able to make a Sixth Man of the Year award. He signed a contract for 80 with Houston Rockets. Since then he’s been playing with this group and to get 118 he expanded his contract at 2016. The sponsorships with brand add to his impressive net worth. The company paid him to leave his host, Nike, and the amount has been staggering 15$ thousand each year. Harden judging from the size of the wages that’s most likely correct, and was called the team’s player. Since a number has not been discovered for some time the contract captured the attention of the media. So he’ll be their face for a different decade, it’s been signed for 13 years. The amount he’s been offered speaks in the football world about his ability and value.

With the US Olympic team he performed in 2012 and two gold medals were won by the group. He’s also sponsored businesses and by brands. It’s projected that this athlete earns from his teachings $ million annually just about 30. On the 100 athletes around the Forbes list he had been recorded in 2015. He appeared on the covers of magazines and has been named among the bachelors. In his career up to now, he scored points and has played some of the greatest teams and players from the NBA. His match design is competitive and as a result of his weight and height, he’s on a shooter’s place. During his school years he’s put several documents in points. Life: James Harden has said he thanks God everyday for everything and that he’s a Christian. In addition, he says his signature beard grows he’s too lazy to do that and because he does not want to shave. During his career that he dated girls. Harden was with Trina, Kyra Chaos and Amber Rose. Not one of his connections lasted for too long and that he has not experienced a connection that was serious or more. In 2015 he declared he dated Khloe Kardashian. Before Khloe went back to help him recuperate from a life threatening experience the couple had been together for some time. Khloe stated that he’d cheated on her and that during her connection with him he was not loyal. He has been described by A lot of his ex-girlfriends as a womanizer or a participant and he made that nickname. He is single and there have not been rumors regarding his new love interest. His beard became his Twitter along with a meme and Facebook accounts was created. It has been applied in dialog and probably remembers him. Harden provides the community a lot and often simplifies charity occasions. He’s still young and we will see a lot of him. He showed us sport ability and ability and has had an impressive career.

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