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John SegelJason Jordan Segel is an actor. His net worth is roughly 30. Life: Jason Jordan Segel was created in Los Angeles, California on January 18, 1980. Jason comes in mother Jillian Jordan and father Alvin Segel. He climbed up with sister Alison and brother Adam at the Pacific Palisades area. As a Jewish, he had Bar Mitzvah and attended the school. He had been about the Harvard-Westlake High School.

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Life: Jason proceeded on the rehab and has alcohol difficulties. He’s alcohol-free because the 2013 year. At 2010, wedding ceremony was ran by Jason on The Tonight Show as the ministry in the Universal Life Church. Feeling profession: Jason’s career started at 1998 as watermelon man in the comedy film can’t Hardly Wait, when he played a part. Back in 1998 he appeared in the comedy SLC Punk, in which he performed with 2 punks’ pal, a Mike. The first huge role he’s in the adolescent series Freaks and Geeks ( 1999 – 2000), in which he played with a part of this group of freaks Nick Andopolis. An intriguing truth is that the tune which his personality sing into the show personality Lindsay was wrote by the Jason. Back in 2002, Jason played with faculty scammer Sam Schecter from the film Slackers. The film received critics, delegated as another movie. The function which makes Jason globally famous is the function in the CBS strikes How I Met Your Mother ( 2005 – 2014 ). He also co-starred using Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, and Josh Radnor throughout the 9 seasons. Jason depicted Marshall Eriksen, character Ted Mosby’s friend, performed with Josh Radnor.

The series received 18 awards and was quite hot. Jason and one of the roommates of the primary character played. Box office success was attained by the film and it’s been nominated for five awards. Within the next year, he co-starred using Paul Rudd from the humor I Love You. This was their collaboration that is successful. Jason wrote the film characters. From the 3D animated film Despicable Me ( 2010 ), Jason provides a voice to the personality Victor “Vector” Perkins. As Horatio, he appears during the year. New lead character Jason profit in the humor Bad instructor ( 2010 ) at which he played with a gym instructor Russell Gettis in love with the main character Elizabeth Halsey depicted by Cameron Diaz. As a lover of Muppets movie, Disney authorization was asked by him.

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