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The Australian DreamKerser is a famous Australian rapper mostly famous for his huge hit called “Next Step”. He became the Australian rapper although he was not received in the general public at the start of his career due to his lyrics but. Years: He had been born on August 21, 1987 in Australia as Scott Barrow at Campbelltown. His stage name that brought fame to him is simply or Emcee Kerser – Kerser. Therefore Kerser began to listen to the songs himself, his brother was a huge fan of hip-hop and listened it along together with his buddies. He had been unbeaten for a span of two decades that’s a huge victory for him and a time in conflict rapping. His competitor and his rival is a rapper called.

It looks like the both are competetive towards each other. Where no official champions at the struggle, he needed a battle but there. He’s got a competition with this rapper. In 2013, 360 published a diss track against Kerser known as “30 Minutes Tops” which remarked Kerser’s rapping abbilities and also the period of his fighting abilities. His debut record titled “The Nebulizer” arrived in 2012 and has been made by Nebs, a famous beatmaker and a manufacturer. He rapped in a couple of and had been involved in the creation of Kerser’s tunes. He became popular after he published a track from this record called “Kerser is your sickest”. His second album was published by him and it moved high. He went to promote this record. The tour proved to be a grear victory and assisted in creating a larger fanbase and selling his records. Kerser is the very seen performer on YouTube from Australia topping Iggy Azalea. If you understand the simple fact he does not have some promotion that is much more shocking and his tunes were prohibited frim the radio as a result of lyrics.

His singles were received because of his own lyrics that many believed due and egoistic in poetry to his own hardcore realism but he discovered a massive fanbase and today has over 300 000 followers. He published his brand new single “We Today” at precisely the exact same calendar year. This only led to his nationwide tour along with his performances in “Breath of Life” festival. DVD chart. The DVD was one of the fastest selling at the week of the release of it and Total Clip created it. He began his own Tour that was new to supporg this record. Kerser receives acceptance by known fashion labels like Algierz Dissizit and Burn. Because that means he is recognized among the business this is a significant thing to get a rapper like him. In the spring of the year he published his hit single ‘We Here’ made in collaboration. The only became so hot that it made him move about the regional “We Today” Tour. In 2014 he published his fourth album known as “King” that was also made by Nebs. After his singles have started playing the radio. Kerser was encouraged on Channel 10’s app known as “Studio 10” where he talked the way his lyricd are usually removed from context and staged other than what they imply. It had been created by Sinima Beats this moment. In 2016 he published a brand new album called “Tradition” and at 2017 “Engraved from the Sport” emerge. The record was followed closely along with his 2018 National Tour. It was created in collaboration. He’s over 300 000 lovers on Facebook and over 80 million perspectives which is rare he does not promote himself through papers and websites. He’s known. He’s nearly 300,000 followers on Facebook and over 80 million viewpoints on YouTube. He’s reached on Instagram. His followers’ amount is growing and he is known amongst his state. Life: a shooting was that targeted Kerser however he was not hurt inside. In addition, he receives stuff and dangers on the websites that is societal. Some consider his struggle with 360, this shooting were publicity stunts however no matter – he’s a persona that is known. He keeps his life but there are rumours that he’s in a relationship with a girl for ten years. He was critised relating to this it may be a reason why so is being done by him. His brother is constantly by his side and he operates in their ABK Records together with him. They’re extremely near and Scott states they share everything. It’s fine that they are not in any battle, because both of them are rappers.

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