Paul Rodriguez’s Bio-Wiki: Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Family, House, Son

Famous FolksPaul Rodriguez is a famous skateboarder. Years He was born on December 31, 1984 in Tarzana at California. P-Rod’s dad is a famous comedian so his mum Laura lived , however the parents carve. But for a while he wished to begin to play guitar and be just like Jimi Hendrix since he was small he had been in love with skateboarding. He spent most of his time. In his interviews that he frequently points out the way he constantly sleept with his brand new board when he was small. Career development was that the group from the store where he spent his time all, when everyone began noticing his skateboarding abilities that are particular and it had been at the period.

From the time he was sixteen he became really amazing he combined the City Stars that are renowned. A skateboarder Kareem Campbell headed City Stars. He was from Los Angeles and he recognized that P-Rod includes a gift for this game. He had been before 2014 with The Stars. His gold medal in The X- match came to him if he was just 19 years old. He brought him fame and a contract. Through dressing he had been contained in the board business all is a way. It is a means also to direct the lifestyle and to fund. Skateboard along with his trademark included words onto it and has been released, to that which he was pleased with. He emphasized he’s pleased with roots and his Spanish. He published his own line known as Plan B, ” and among these boards was created at a cooperation with the brand Nike. The business was co-owned by his own group member the exact same calendar year, and because Paul desired to have he abandoned it.

In 2014, he started his business the year. Several world sponsors him. He even got himself his own park for also to have some location for creating moves and stunts. He will join the Fantasy Factory The Summer X Games called of Rob Dyrdek. Life: they have named Heaven Rodriguez plus Paul was in a connection with a style model Rainbow. He’s in a relationship with a blogger Rachel Metz and a youtuber now. Work: a skateboard was created by him with performer Jay Z and a singer. This base is still attempting to move children and curiosity them and is currently attempting to build parks.

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