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Thomas Weeks’s Bio: Net Worth, Wife, Car, Wedding, Married, Son, Affair, Dating

The James BondThen Thomas Weeks isn’t an unknown name for them if a person enjoys watching TV shows that deal with mechanisms and automobiles. Yes, I am talking from the Misfit Garage of Discovery Channel. Weeks’ dad was a army and mechanic officer and almost all of his understanding about things came out of his dad. ” It was the purchasing, though his father instructed him all of the tricks and pieces about services and the parts of the automobiles and the sale of the automobile was what brought him. If reports are to be considered, his automobile was purchased by Weeks in the age of twelve that was a ’57 Chevy. Well, no, do not feel they offered the car, he purchased it, fixed of the problems and he drove the car in the age of 12. And it was not that, Weeks obtained his pilot’s license besides his driver’s license at age sixteen and it was a fantastic achievement.

Weeks never wished to perform work and that is not it and that was the reason built painting the car’s bodies, he had been among those earliest in Dallas. This company lasted a couple of times and he sold his company to expand his passions of automobile trading. Thomas began a group together with his teammates Tom Smith, Scot McMillan and Jordan Butler and all of them work together from the Fired garage and is currently employed as a presenter from the TV series on Discovery called Misfit Garage, that will be still another spin from this series Fast N’ Loud. Thomas Weeks has attained an estimated net worth of $800k. Date of arrival: Birth location: Texas, Dallas. Age: Profession: TV presenter, Automobile dealer.

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