Who is Kevin Bacon? Bio: Wife, Net Worth, Kids, Son, House, Daughter, Child

Famous FolksHis net worth is roughly 50. Life: Kevin Norwood Bacon was created at the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 8, 1958. He has sisters and 5 brothers. Ruth Hilda, Kevin mum, was activist that is liberal and a teacher. Edmund Norwood Bacon, his father was also the Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission and also renowned American architect. Kevin revealed his act talent. He attended the Circle in the Square Theatre School and the Manning Street Actor’s Theatre in Philadelphia.


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Life: Throughout the 1980s, Kevin was in a relationship with an celebrity Tracy Jo Pollan. On the list of Lemon Sky, Kevin fulfilled with Kyra Sedgwick, producer and actress. She was married by him. Kevin asserts he’s an atheist, but maybe not an individual that is anti-religion. He performed with a Chip Diller’s role. This film did not provide a fame to him. Throughout the 1980s his career began to go. The first noticeable part he’s from the slasher movie Friday the 13th, where he played with Jack Burrell. He played in the play movie. The Broadway debut of Kevin was the Part in the Salb Boys Trilogy. His partners had been Val Kilmer and Sean Penn. However, his breakout was Timothy Fenwick from the film Diner’s function.

This success leads him to another part in the play movie Footloose. This picture had been box office. The character of a rebellious boy Ren McCormack of Bacon left him a pop culture icon. Throughout the 1990s he filmed comedy/horror movie Tremors, where he played with Valentine “Val” McKee, a neighborhood hero who saved the town from critters. He has a function in the terror Flatliners. Another of his role was the drama in the thriller that is historic – JFK. Prostitute Willie O’Keefe was portrayed by Bacon. Kevin The River Wild, after. The Kevin appeared in every Hollywood film after it appears. In addition, he played In crimem film Sleepers and The First. Kevin have manager experience. His manager debut was film Losing Chase. Because of the enormous incidence from the Hollywood industry of Bacon, he’s the topic of the parlor game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The concept of a sport is to locate indirect or direct connection with the assistance of Bacon number with Bacon. Awards: Kevin is a owner for example: The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards for the Best Actor in the film Murder in the First. SAG Award for Outstanding Performance. The Golden Globe Award for SAG Award and the Best Actor to the Outstanding Performance from the movie. The Saturn Award in tv drama series The next for the Best Actor on Television. Music Career: Kevin shaped musician duo along with his brother Michael. They released eight albums and play folk and country rock.

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