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The Biography of John 1995Chief Keef is a producer and a Chicago rapper. Kanye West discovered him and they had collaborations. Life: Chief Keef was created at Chicago by his mommy below the title Keith Cozart August 15, 1995. He got named. It never seemed to make him sad although he states that he never obtained the chance with him. His grandmother raised him in a area of Chicago and that he never needed conntact with his dad Alfonso. He’s got a unique bond with his grandma.

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He detected that a karaoke that his mum had and he had been interested in music and the audio was rapped along by him. He found it quite relaxing to create rhymes and it appeared to help keep him occupied as a child also. He moved into Dulles Elementary School along with also a nurchering therapeutic day school known as “postsecondary Faculty”. He chose to fall out after his birthday although he began his own high school education. He caused trouble and hang out with the gangs. When he fired shots within his Washington Park from a Pontiac 1 day he got detained for the posession of a prohibited weapon. He could not move anywhere and received a month of house detention. This was a time for him personally and he contemplated his life decisions a lot. In this time he began posting a few of his drill videos. He was famous as a rapper and one of his high school buddies in his neighbourhood. Social media permitted him to deliver his music. He discovered his crowd encouraging and started to rap.

This tune became popular and Kanye West detected Chief Keef. In 2011 he served his punishment and had been arrested for possesion of cocaine. In 2012, Keef got recording tag suggestions, as a result of his fan base and his popularity. Young Jeezy’s record label was interested in signing him on up a contract. Finally he’s picked “Interscope Records” because of his label because they provided him a distinct deal which procured him his very own label print known as “Glory Boyz Entertainment”. Then it was also renamed by him. His first studio record premiered in the winter of 2012 and was waited with impatience. He had guest appearances on his record from hip hop artists like Wiz Khalifa and 50 Cent. Among the rappers on XXL Magazine Freshman Class he had been called in 2013. This was a massive achievement for him and he was honored to participate to the hip hop scene as a artist. This time the critics were great to him and he got some buzz. The subsequent mixtape called “Almighty Sosa” was not received particularly excellent. With their significance Keef began being interested in the creation of music in 2014. Keef declared his brand new record “Bang 3” having an official one known as “Fuck Rehab” that was showcased with his own cousin Mario (aka Blood Money) who died a month later. Even though he was left by the tag he announced the record will probably be released as intended and his aims has not altered. At the start of 2015 he published “Sorry 4 the Weight” mixtape that had great critics. A couple of months after he signed into “FilmOn Music”. In a shooting his friend and an Capo was killed in the summer of 2015 and Keef declared a concert. He had troubles with Chicago’s mayor who believed he was that prohibit the concert and a role model. Cheef Keef was pinpointed by the majority of the journalists in the time since they believed his 1st amandman rights were broken. In so called retirement that he introduced a second mixtape called “2017: 2 zero one seven” in the start of 2017. Life: his dad is Alfonso Cozart and his mom is named Lolita Carter. He has a sister, a brother and two sisters. He dated a version Pretty Mesha at 2013. The identical calendar year, plus they have engaged. His daughter Kayden Kash known as Kay Kay was born when he was just 16 years old. He became a dad of another daughter, and he paid two kid affirms. He does not need to undermine their lives and talks about his kids to the media since he would like to maintain their own lives a secret. A boy Kre Karter was born back in 2014 his child, and also in 2015 Sno Film was called by his son On Dot Com what caused a great deal of controversy. He has four kids with whom he was not married, with three girl. However he must pay child care them for all. He’s got a cousin Fredo Santana who is a rapper. A rapper Blood Money, his stepbrother, was murdered in 2013. Following noving into L. A. he began collecting arts, notably in Bill da Butcher. In 2012 the authorities for his alleged link questioned him from the shooting Lil Jojo. In 2013 for violating his probation, he had been sent to juvenile detention. The identical year he had been arrested for smoking marijuana in people and after one week he had been arrested for driving that was quick. In Highland Park he had been evicted in 2014. He’s frequently called by his nickname Sosa.

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