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Lenny Henry’s Bio: Wife, Weight, Weight Loss, Net Worth, Married, Family

Famous FolksLenny Henry is a famed British live-in comic and an actor and not only that, he’s famed for his base called “Comic relief” that he’s a co-founder of. Born on August 29, 1958 Henry was among those seven kids in the home and his parents are immigrants. He was the eldest of his own siblings. Lenny chased and began off his schooling in the St John’s Primary School and he attended The Blue Coat School in Dudley before eventually finishing his college life from W. R. Tuson College that is situated in Preston, Lancashire. Lenny and another standup comedian Dawn French married from the year 1984 at Westminster.

They adopted a woman named Billie. After 25 years of union, his wife and Lenny underwent the procedure for divorce. Along with his sense of humor and presence of mind, Lenny has climbed to fame throughout the years. He has been a part of TV shows and has acted in many films. A number of the shows he’s a part of are Chef, The Lenny Henry Show! , a internet series and Little along with Big called Conversations with my Wife. He’s known for Othello that was performed from the West Yorkshire Playhouse, also his participation into the Magicians show. And the list continues. Lenny Henry has attained an estimated net worth of about $10 million.

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